Manuela & Johan

Datum: oktober 2020

Lill´s kind knowledgeable and confident presence was a huge support for us from the first contact. She helped us throughout the confusion and isolation that came with the pandemic, a diagnosis of gestational diabetes and the exclusion of my husband from all the pregnancy medical appointments. She was the only birth professional that was consistently present for both of us throughout the last few moths of pregnancy with information, advice and physical and emotional support. We knew that we could consult with her about important decisions and trust that she always had our baby’s best interests at heart. Each time we met her we felt more grounded, hopeful and confident.

Lill contributed immensely to us having the best pregnancy and birth that we could hope for. We are now the parents of a healthy and happy-two month-old son, and that’s also thanks to Lill´s support.

* Barnet på bilden är inte Manuela och Johans barn.